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Chemical Exposure

Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Deadline: August 10, 2024

Marine base water contamination has led to a wave of lawsuits, litigation.
Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Deadline: August 10, 2024

Protecting Consumers

ConsumerShield provides trustworthy, up-to-date legal information to protect consumers. Our easily understandable articles help ensure your voice gets heard. So you can take action.

Protecting Consumers

Our Mission

ConsumerShield’s mission is to empower people and keep them safe. We hold companies accountable, championing consumer rights with integrity and professionalism.

Our Mission


We have helped thousands of consumers nationwide.

“Navigating potential lawsuits felt daunting, but ConsumerShield provided the clarity and information I desperately needed.”

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Tylenol Lawsuit Participant

“I had no idea I was eligible for a lawsuit until I found ConsumerShield. They made the process understandable and straightforward.”

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Camp Lejeune Veteran

“ConsumerShield was the lifeline I didn't know I needed. Now, I'm ready to take action.”

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Rideshare Lawsuit Participant

“Thanks to ConsumerShield, I finally felt empowered to file my lawsuit.”

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Hair Loss Lawsuit Participant

“I was completely new to the world of class action lawsuits. ConsumerShield provided the perfect starting point and direction.”

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Roundup Lawsuit Participant

“Thanks to ConsumerShield, I fully understand my legal rights.”

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Paraquat Lawsuit Participant

“I was feeling lost. ConsumerShield helped guide me and showed me my rights.”

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Family Member of a talcum powder victim

“I was on the fence about joining a lawsuit. ConsumerShield made me feel confident in my decision.”

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Talcum Powder Lawsuit Participant

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  • ConsumerShield is a consortium of consumer rights advocates. We connect victims of unscrupulous business practices with highly skilled lawyers to file lawsuits and class action claims.

  • We guide individuals through the complex legal landscape, linking them to a network of expert lawyers suited to their specific lawsuit needs. We offer more than just connections, but a partnership.

  • Our values of integrity, excellence, and advocacy underline everything we do. We are deeply committed to ensuring that each case we handle receives top-notch professionalism.

  • We handle a wide variety of personal injury and class action lawsuit claims. Whether it's a case of chemical exposure, product liability, false advertising, defective products, or privacy breaches, our network of lawyers is prepared to provide expert legal representation.

  • Our mission is straightforward. We aim to empower every consumer by ensuring they have access to the best possible legal representation. By holding companies accountable, we are contributing to a fairer, more transparent marketplace.

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