Juul Class Action Lawsuit: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

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In the mid 2010s, the buzz was everywhere:

“There’s a safer way to consume nicotine.” “It seems less addictive and less dangerous.” It was the electronic cigarette, of course.

And leading the e-cigarette pack was often Juul. The brand nearly became a synonym for e-cigs. In the years since, the story has changed.

Countless people have suffered negative health consequences tied to e-cigs like Juul. Kids have become addicted. And people have begun to seek justice.

A swirl of lawsuits has followed Juul in recent years, leading to settlements in the hundreds of millions of dollars in total.

And if you owned or used a Juul product before the end of 2022, you may be eligible for a piece of the compensation pie.

That’s because everything from the simple purchase of the product to the potential severe health outcomes has become involved in one or more of the various Juul lawsuits.

A Juul class action lawsuit may involve any of the following:

  • Paying more than you would have for a Juul e-cig product if you had known the full extent of the risks of using these products
  • Being misled by the marketing of any Juul product
  • Experiencing severe health outcomes linked to using a Juul product, including both illnesses and physical injuries

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Juul Lawsuit Updates

  1. April 2023
  2. January 2023

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What is the Juul Class Action Lawsuit?

A Juul lawsuit is legal action taken against Juul Labs Inc., a prominent e-cig company. Specifically, these lawsuits make various claims related to the marketing, sale, and safety of Juul products — particularly their e-cigarette devices and flavored nicotine pods.

These lawsuits typically involve multiple plaintiffs — meaning people like you, who may have been harmed in some way by a Juul product — who have experienced adverse health effects or addiction related to Juul products.

Common allegations in Juul lawsuits include the following:

  • Misleading marketing. Plaintiffs claim that Juul engaged in deceptive marketing practices that targeted minors and downplayed the risks associated with vaping, including but not limited to addiction to nicotine.
  • Health risks. Juul products allegedly caused or contributed to various health issues, such as nicotine addiction, respiratory problems, and cardiovascular (heart-related) issues.
  • Addiction. Many lawsuits against Juul assert that Juul’s high nicotine content and appealing flavors led to addiction among young users — children included — who were initially drawn to the products.
  • Failure to warn. Some lawsuits say Juul failed to adequately warn consumers like you about the potential health risks and addictiveness of their products.

Damages in Juul Lawsuits: Compensation You May Be Owed

Although some seek to force Juul to change its practices, most Juul lawsuits seek compensation for damages.

In other words, many of these lawsuits aim to recover compensation from Juul for harms that Juul users have endured. And the company has already agreed to several large settlements from which victims may be able to receive compensation. More settlements are likely in the future, given the widespread use of these products.

But what can you be compensated for, exactly? Technically, you may be eligible for compensation for any harm you’ve suffered because of the negligence of Juul. Usually, that means you can seek compensation for damages like the following:

  • Medical expenses. If you had to pay medical bills — or anticipate medical bills — because of a Juul product, you may be eligible to have those expenses covered by a Juul settlement.
  • Lost wages. Sometimes, recovering from an illness or injury keeps you away from work, either temporarily or permanently. That can result in lost wages, and you may be able to receive compensation for that.
  • Pain and suffering. This is a broad term that covers the physical and psychological effects of being injured by a company’s negligence
  • Punitive damages. Not available in all states or cases, punitive damages seek to make an example of the defendant (Juul in this case) to deter them and similar companies from similar negligence in the future. The result, of course, is additional compensation for the plaintiff (you).

While compensation can and should be the goal if you’ve been harmed by a company like Juul, there is a second potential benefit of a Juul lawsuit: Telling companies like Juul that they will be held accountable by the public and our legal system.

When you successfully recover compensation through a Juul lawsuit, you’re joining the rising chorus of consumers who have had enough of companies that don’t care enough to follow the rules and keep them safe. And that can be powerful.

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Juul Class Action Lawsuit Updates & News

Juul Labs, once a trailblazer in the e-cigarette market, has been embroiled in a labyrinth of legal challenges recently. These lawsuits primarily revolve around allegations that the company marketed their products to minors, downplayed the addictive nature of their e-cigarettes, and misled consumers about the potential health risks.

Here's a chronological breakdown of the major legal actions and settlements over the past year:

April 2023

A significant development saw Juul settling with six states along with the District of Columbia for a whopping $462 million over allegations related to product marketing. Following closely, Juul and tobacco giant Altria agreed to a $60.5 million settlement with Minnesota.

January 2023

U.S. District Judge William Orrick in San Francisco greenlit a $255 million settlement. This resolution pertains to the class action lawsuit accusing Juul of deceptive marketing practices, which allegedly downplayed addiction risks and targeted minor

December 2022

Juul agreed to a significant settlement, reportedly falling between $1.2 billion and $1.7 billion, with 10,000 plaintiffs across 5,000 cases in California. These cases primarily concerned the company's marketing strategies and the resulting addiction to their product. Notably, this deal also involved school district plaintiffs. While U.S. District Judge William Orrick hasn't given his final approval, he has labeled the settlement as "fair and reasonable."

September 2022

Nearly three dozen states witnessed Juul tentatively agreeing to pay over $438 million. This was to settle investigations probing whether the company had directed its marketing efforts at teenagers. Despite the settlement, Juul did not acknowledge any wrongdoing.

April 2022

Washington state reached a $22.5 million settlement with Juul. The company was accused of marketing to minors and misrepresenting the addictive nature of their products. As part of the settlement, Juul committed to launching a secret shopper program, ensuring retailers upheld prohibitions against sales to minors.

November 2021

The Arizona Attorney General's case against Juul Labs, alleging unlawful marketing practices that targeted younger consumers and underplayed vaping risks, was settled for $14.5 million.

June 2021

Juul agreed to a $40 million settlement with the state of North Carolina. The lawsuit alleged that Juul's actions led to a surge in underage vaping within the state.

With a series of settlements in quick succession, the legal landscape for Juul Labs remains tumultuous. The company's future actions and the ultimate impact of these settlements on the broader e-cigarette industry are yet to unfold completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The compensation amount in the Juul class action lawsuit is determined based on several factors:

    • The severity of health issues faced by the claimant.
    • Duration and frequency of Juul product usage.
    • Age at the time of usage, with particular emphasis on minors and young adults.
    • Any direct economic losses, such as medical bills or lost wages.

    Each claim is evaluated on its merits, and compensation amounts can vary among individual claimants.

  • As of September 2021, Juul Labs had submitted a Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its e-cigarette products. The FDA reviews these applications to determine if the product is "appropriate for the protection of public health." It's advisable to check the FDA's official website or recent news updates for the latest status of Juul's FDA approval.

  • The deadline for the Juul lawsuit can vary based on specific court rulings, jurisdictions, and the nature of individual claims. Potential claimants must consult with an attorney to ensure they don't miss any deadlines.

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