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Product Liability

Product liability law covers cases involving damages caused by defective and dangerous products.

Every year, dangerous and defective products cause thousands of injuries in the United States. When people injure themselves with a defective product, they can potentially file a lawsuit against the responsible party.

Use ConsumerShield’s legal content to learn about various pharmaceutical product injuries, defective medical devices, auto-related injuries, chemical exposures and other materials.

ConsumerShield can connect you with an experienced attorney to help guide you. Our network of nationwide attorneys specializes in product liability cases.

Dangerous Drugs Litigation

Medical science has led to the creation of numerous drugs designed to enhance health and longevity.

Defective Products Litigation

When people are hurt by a defective product, they have the option to sue the responsible party.

Chemical Exposure Litigation

A chemical exposure case is a legal claim for harm caused by exposure to a dangerous substance, such as a pesticide or chemical.

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