Amare Global Lawsuit: Causes and Settlement Prospects (2024)

A recent Amare Global lawsuit has raised significant questions about the company. Learn why the business was sued and what the future may hold.

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Amare Global Lawsuit: Causes and Settlement Prospects (2024)

Amare Global, formerly known as Xyngular, sells wellness products. Amare Global faces two legal hurdles.

First, it operates using a multi-level marketing (MLM) and distribution model. When businesses structure their MLM business model incorrectly, they can slide into the territory covered by illegal pyramid schemes.

Second, “wellness” products, like nutritional shakes and juice packs, fall into a regulatory gray area. While the FDA closely regulates dangerous drugs, it only monitors dietary supplements for misbranding or adulteration. Otherwise, it allows manufacturers to regulate themselves.

As a result, they can face lawsuits when their products contain dangerous ingredients or ingredients not disclosed on the labels.

Amare Global has faced lawsuits raising both of these issues. Distributors complained that the company misled them about sales projections and burdened them with finding more distributors so they could make money.

Even more concerning is a recent settlement of an Amare Global lawsuit over heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury in its products. These claims could spark a chemical exposure lawsuit.

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Amare Global Lawsuit Status

Before getting into the lawsuits, you must understand Amare Global. This company makes wellness products such as nutritional supplements. It claims the products improve the gut health of users. The company asserts the user’s mental health will also improve when their gut health improves.

Rather than using a traditional retail model, Amare Global uses a direct marketing model. In this model, distributors buy products from the company and resell them directly to customers. They earn a commission from these sales.

Distributors are also encouraged to sign up additional distributors by receiving a commission from the sales of the distributors under them.

A distributor filed a lawsuit in 2023 claiming that Amare Global’s actions put distributors in financial distress or debt. The actions identified in the lawsuit include:

  • Making misleading claims about distributor income
  • Making misleading claims about the health benefits of the products
  • Failing to disclose the risk of losing money

When a distributor signs up, they must buy a welcome package. The lawsuit claims the commissions from sales are so small they can only recover their initial investment by recruiting additional distributors. This structure is common in legal MLM businesses. It is also an element of an illegal pyramid scheme.

This lawsuit is so new that it has not gone anywhere. Consumers should keep in mind that this lawsuit only affects distributors. It does not affect consumers allegedly misled by the company’s marketing or injured by its products.

Settled Lawsuit Against Amare Global

However, Amare Global has faced legal action that could be a warning for a rough future. In a case filed in 2022, a consumer watchdog group sued Amare Global, claiming that the company violated California law.

The complaint stated that the company failed to test its products for the heavy metals lead, cadmium, and mercury. It also asserted the company did not label its products accurately because it did not state that they contained a safe level of heavy metals.

Amare Global settled the claim in 2023 by agreeing to test for heavy metals and label its products accurately.

No one claimed that Amare Global’s products contained these toxic chemicals. They only claimed that the company’s testing failures meant there was no way to tell if the products contained these toxins. But if they did, consumers could suffer brain injuries or even death from heavy metal poisoning.

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Projected Amare Global Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

The pending lawsuit could result in a damage award or settlement worth thousands of dollars to distributors misled by the company’s marketing and recruiting materials. However, a settlement or damage award in this suit is a long way off since the filings are so recent.

There is no lawsuit asserting personal injuries caused by the products. A settlement for these claims will depend on the severity of the injuries that resulted from the use of the products.

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The pending lawsuit against Amare Global accuses the company of making misleading business and health claims. It could compensate unprofitable distributors who relied on misrepresentations when they joined the company.

However, in evaluating the lawsuit, remember that only a small number of distributors have made these accusations, and the company vigorously denies them.

Of greater concern are the issues raised by the consumer protection lawsuit in California.

If the company’s failure to test its products for heavy metals resulted in contamination, customers, including children, might have suffered serious injuries, including neurological disorders, that can cause lifelong disabilities or deaths. However, no one has claimed the products caused these injuries or filed any product liability lawsuits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Amare Global reps who filed the lawsuit claim they make little or no income on retail sales of products. Instead, they claim they only earn money when they recruit additional distributors. According to the U.S. SEC, this is one of the three tests for identifying pyramid schemes.

  • No one knows the answer to this question. No consumers have filed lawsuits against Amare Global claiming injuries or fatalities from using the products. However, a settlement with California requires the company to test its products for heavy metals that can injure consumers since it had previously not done so.

  • No. The only pending Amare lawsuit involves its dealings with its distributors. If the company settles this lawsuit, only distributors will get compensated. The compensation paid to distributors involved in this litigation will be calculated using their business losses rather than any injuries from using the products.

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