How Many Semi Truck Accidents Happen Per Year? (2024)

Explore trends in semi-truck accidents from 2020 to 2024, examining the causes and highlighting the importance of making roads safer.

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Number of Truck Accidents Per Year in U.S., 2020-2024

* The data for 2024 in this chart includes information only up to February 23, 2024.

Sources: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Summary of How Many Truck Accidents Happen a Year

In 2020, there were 142,593 semi-truck accidents. By 2021, this number had increased to 165,623. In 2022, the number slightly dropped to 162,760, showing that safety improvements or stricter regulations might be working. The trend continued in 2023, with accidents decreasing to 149,730. This decrease is likely due to enhanced vehicle safety, tougher traffic laws, and greater awareness of safety among truck drivers.

Early Truck Accident Statistics 2024

Please note that the 2024 data on how many truck accidents happen a year only covers accidents until February 23, with 26,362 accidents reported so far. This number is much lower than the totals for previous full years. Keep in mind, that it doesn't include the whole year. Experts and safety officers will keep an eye on the numbers as more information comes in for the rest of 2024.

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Factors Influencing How Many Truck Accidents per Year

Several factors lead to semi-truck accidents. Driver mental health due to long hours on the road without proper rest is a major cause. Trucks that aren't well-maintained are likely to break down and cause accidents. Bad weather and roads in poor condition can also raise the risk of accidents. Heavy traffic, particularly in cities, can also increase the risk.

Improving Safety

To reduce the number of how many truck accidents per year, focusing on proper training for drivers is crucial. Proper training helps drivers respond better to road conditions and manage their mental health. Ensuring that all trucks are regularly checked and maintained can prevent accidents. Moreover, adopting advanced safety technologies like automatic braking systems and stability control can significantly reduce accident rates.


Keeping track of how many semi truck accidents per year helps us see if safety measures are effective. It also shows us ways to make roads safer in the future. As we gather more data from the rest of 2024, those involved can better understand what causes these accidents and strengthen ways to keep everyone safe on the road.

Disclaimer: The information in this article about semi-truck accidents is for general use only and not meant as specific advice. Please consult a professional for detailed guidance.

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