Average Deductible For Health Insurance (2024)

Explore the rising trend of average deductibles for single coverage health insurance from 2006 to 2023. Learn what drives these increases and their impact.

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Average Deductible Amount for Health Insurance in U.S. (2006-2023)


* The average deductible amount applies to single coverage health insurance only.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Trend Analysis Over the Years for Average Health Insurance Deductible

Starting in 2006, the average deductible was relatively low at $584. Over the next few years, there was a steady increase, reaching $616 in 2007 and $735 in 2008. This trend continued, and by 2009, the deductible had climbed to $826. The gradual increase persisted through the decade, with the deductible crossing the $1,000 mark in 2012, standing at $1,097. By 2015, it reached $1,318, and the rise continued sharply, peaking at $1,763 in 2022.

Driving Factors Behind the Increases

Several reasons explain the increase in average health insurance deductible over the years. Healthcare costs, including charges for medical services and prescription drugs, have gone up. Also, there's a trend towards high-deductible health plans, which often have lower monthly premiums, becoming more popular.

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Impact on Customers

A higher average deductible for health insurance means people pay more out-of-pocket before their insurance starts covering costs. This can cause some to delay getting medical care or experience financial stress if they don't have enough savings. It's important for customers to know these costs and plan their budgets carefully, especially when selecting a health plan.

Future Projections Compared to Average Deductible for Health Insurance 2023

The average deductible for health insurance 2023 slightly dropped to $1,735, suggesting a possible stabilization or a small decrease in growth. It's uncertain if this trend will persist. Customers and potential buyers need to keep up with how changes in deductibles could affect their healthcare costs and choices. Staying informed will help individuals make better decisions about their health insurance plans in the future.

Conclusion and Advice

Over the last two decades, the average deductible for single coverage health insurance has more than tripled. This increase has changed how people interact with their healthcare providers and manage their medical expenses. It's crucial to understand these trends to make smart choices about health insurance and manage health care costs effectively.

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