How Many Construction Workers Die Each Year (2024)?

How many construction workers die each year? Learn about the risks workers face and the legal rights their families have after a loved one dies.

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Annual Fatalities Among Construction Workers from 2018 to 2022

Uncovering injuries in construction. 2018-2022 fatality statistics, causes, safety measures, and risks faced by workers to enhance industry safety.

The Alarming Statistics of Fatalities in the Construction Sector

The construction industry, while a cornerstone of economic growth, faces a grim reality: the high number of fatalities it records in construction accidents each year. How many construction workers die each year? In 2022 alone, the construction sector witnessed 1,069 fatalities, an 8.4% increase from 2021, placing it ahead of all other industries, according to the National Safety Council.

The construction industry only has the fourth-highest fatality rate and eighth-highest non-fatal injury rate. However, knowing how many construction workers die each year underlines the inherent risks associated with construction work and the sheer size of the industry.

Understanding the Causes Behind Construction Deaths per Year

A dive into the causes of these fatalities reveals that transportation incidents, falls, slips, and trips are among the most common causes of death in the construction industry. Other common causes of fatal construction injuries include electrocution, getting caught in machinery, getting trapped between or under objects, and getting struck by falling or moving objects.

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Demographic Disparities in Construction Sector Fatalities

The data on fatal injuries in specific demographic groups also points to concerning trends. Black or African American workers and Hispanic or Latino workers have experienced an increase in fatal injury rates. This disparity calls for targeted interventions to ensure the safety of all workers, irrespective of their background.

Fatal Injuries by Occupation in Construction

Fatal Occupational Injuries in U.S. Construction: 2018-2022

The data on construction and extraction worker fatalities from 2018 to 2022 reveals variable trends. Supervisors' deaths decreased notably in 2020 but partially recovered by 2022. Construction trades workers saw a peak in 2019, followed by a slight decline, yet increased again in 2022. Extraction workers' fatalities fluctuated less dramatically, with a slight increase in the last year. Overall, the sector shows resilience amidst fluctuating fatality rates.

What Rights Do Families Have After Construction Fatalities?

Knowing how many construction workers die each year does not tell the whole story. Each of those workers leaves behind family members, whether that includes parents, a spouse, or children. Although roughly 1,000 construction deaths a year might not seem like many in a nation with over 330 million people, these deaths devastate the survivors.

Most states require construction companies to buy workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance system ensures that the families of fatally injured workers receive death benefits. They usually cover the worker’s future wages that were lost when they died.

Construction workers usually fall under this system. When a construction worker dies, the insurer usually offers a workers’ comp settlement for a lump sum, so it does not need to send weekly or monthly benefit checks.

The family members might also have a third-party lawsuit against any person or business that contributed to the cause of their loved one’s death. For example, if the worker died from an asbestos-related disease, the family might be entitled to an asbestos settlement.

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