Largest Health Insurance Companies (2024)

Discover the largest U.S. health insurance companies in 2024: earnings, services, and healthcare roles in this comprehensive overview.

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Largest Health Insurance Companies in U.S. by Revenue in 2024

Leading the Pack: UnitedHealthcare Group

UnitedHealthcare Group tops the list with an impressive revenue of $189 billion in 2024. As a major health insurance provider, they serve millions across the U.S. with a range of insurance products for individuals and businesses.

Other Largest US Health Insurance Companies

Elevance Health and Kaiser Permanente follow closely with revenues of $124 billion and $114 billion. Elevance Health, formerly Anthem, has expanded its range and enhanced patient care. Kaiser Permanente is known for combining healthcare services with insurance to improve health outcomes. Centene, known as Ambetter, also stands out with $110 billion in revenue. Pointing on insurance for the underinsured and not insured, and playing a major role in Medicaid managed care.

Notable Mentions of Biggest Health Insurance Companies

Other largest US health insurance companies include Humana and Health Care Service Corporation, which offers Blue Cross plans. CVS Health's Aetna division also plays a big role, acting as both a pharmacy manager and an insurer. Molina, GuideWell, and Independence Health Group (Blue Cross) are key for providing affordable health insurance in local markets.

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Exploring Health Coverage Options

Big health insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare are using digital tools to make healthcare easier to access. Companies like Elevance Health and Kaiser Permanente are also focusing on programs that help people stay healthy and cut down on healthcare costs. These steps show how these companies are trying to keep up with changing health needs and make healthcare better for everyone.

The Bigger Picture

The high revenues of these biggest health insurance companies not only show their success but also highlight the huge demand for healthcare in America. As healthcare costs rise and more people need medical services, these companies play a crucial role in managing risks and helping their customers financially.


The 2024 landscape of the largest health insurance companies is both dynamic and competitive, working to meet American health needs. These companies offer a wide range of coverage and are important for understanding health policies and future trends in healthcare and insurance. This guide helps both consumers and analysts navigate the complexities of health insurance in America.

Disclaimer: This article gives a summary of the biggest health insurance companies by revenue in 2024. It's just for information and does not give financial or health advice.

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