Largest Life Insurance Companies (2024)

Discover the largest life insurance companies by assets in 2022. Learn which top the list for financial strength and how that ensures customer security.

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Largest Life Insurance Companies in the U.S. by Total Assets in 2022

Largest Life Insurance Companies in the US

Leading the list is Prudential Financial, with assets of $515.23 billion, marking it as a market leader. Close behind are MetLife, Inc. and New York Life, with assets of $426.88 billion and $403.95 billion. These firms offer a wide range of options and have the financial stability needed to support their customers over the long term.

Massachusetts Mutual and Beyond

Massachusetts Mutual and TIAA-CREF are close behind, with assets of $367.29 and $365.30 billion. Other largest life insurance companies in the US like Northwestern Mutual, Corebridge Financial, and Lincoln Financial follow, each handling assets between about $300 and $340 billion. These companies are key players in the insurance market, providing everything from life insurance to retirement plans to their customers.

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Significance of Biggest Life Insurance Companies

The amount of money an insurance company manages, known as its assets, is a main indicator of its trust. When an insurer like Jackson National or Manulife Financial has assets over $250 billion, it shows they are financially strong. This means they can pay out claims, even in challenging times, which helps customers feel more secure and confident in their choice of insurer.

Choosing a Reliable Insurer

When choosing a life insurance company, it’s important to consider how financially stable the company is. Companies like Transamerica Corporation and Pacific Life, which are among the largest life insurance companies by assets, are generally viewed as more reliable. This means they are well prepared to pay out claims, giving customers confidence that they can depend on their insurer when needed.


Knowing the asset size of life insurance companies is crucial because it shows that they can support you when you need it most. This list of the biggest life insurance companies provides a helpful guide for anyone wanting to find a dependable insurer to protect their future.

Disclaimer: This article is about the largest life insurance companies in 2022. It is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice.

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