How Much Does Surgery Cost Without Insurance (2024)

Find out how much different surgeries cost without insurance, from the most expensive to the more affordable ones, and get tips on how to handle these costs.

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Costs of Surgeries Without Insurance in U.S. (2021)

Heart Bypass Surgery Cost Without Insurance

Heart bypass surgery is a crucial operation for people with serious heart disease. It helps blood flow better by redirecting it around blocked arteries. As of 2021, heart bypass surgery cost without insurance was about $123,000. The price can change depending on the hospital and the patient's specific health issues, making it one of the pricier heart treatments.

How Much Does Open Heart Surgery Cost Without Insurance?

Open heart surgery, including procedures like heart valve replacement, is very expensive. On average, replacing a heart valve, a typical open heart surgery, costs about $170,000. This gives you an idea of how much does open heart surgery cost without insurance. This type of surgery is complicated and requires highly skilled doctors and special equipment, which makes it costly.

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Cost of Angioplasty in USA Without Insurance

Angioplasty is a procedure that opens up blocked arteries in the heart. It's not as major as open heart surgery, but it costs a lot. The cost of angioplasty in USA without insurance was around $28,200. This surgery is important for people who have a lot of plaque blocking their blood flow. Although it costs less than open heart surgery, it's still a big expense for those without insurance.

Managing Healthcare Costs Without Insurance

Facing these surgeries without health insurance requires careful financial planning and exploration of all available options. Here are a few strategies to manage such high medical costs:

  • Payment Plans: Many hospitals offer payment plans that allow patients to pay off their medical bills over time, making large expenses more manageable.
  • Charity Care: For those with limited income, some hospitals provide charity care programs that reduce or completely cover the cost of surgery.
  • Medical Loans: Several financial institutions offer loans specifically designed to cover medical expenses. These can be a viable option if other avenues are not available.
  • Price Shopping: Patients can sometimes save thousands of dollars by comparing prices at different hospitals and clinics.


The price of surgery without insurance can be very expensive, especially for major heart-related procedures. Knowing how much does surgery cost without insurance and understanding your options for financial help can make it easier to handle. As healthcare changes, staying informed and prepared is the best way to manage these big expenses.

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