Victims Of Violent Crime By Gender (2024)

Analyze violent crime by gender, focusing on women and domestic violence statistics to understand gendered victimization.

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Number of violent crime victims in U.S. from 1991 to 2022, by gender

Analyzing Victims of Violent Crime by Gender: A Closer Look

Understanding victims of violent crime by gender is crucial for grasping crime trends in society. This article delves into data to reveal how gender impacts victimization, focusing on how many women are killed by men each year and what percentage of domestic violence victims are female.

Understanding Victims of Violent Crime by Gender

From 1991 to 2022, the U.S. saw significant fluctuations in violent crime victimization for both males and females. The early years recorded lower counts, with males at 33,575 and females at 26,207 in 1991. By 2022, there was a peak with 495,079 male and 469,261 female victims, illustrating the evolving landscape of violent crime and the necessity for ongoing analysis and intervention.

How Many Women Are Killed by Men Each Year

A pressing issue within the analysis of victims of violent crime by gender is the alarming rate at which women are fatally targeted by men. This grim statistic not only sheds light on the extremities of gender-based violence but also emphasizes the urgent need for reform in societal and legal frameworks to safeguard women.

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What Percentage of Domestic Violence Victims Are Female

Domestic violence remains a significant concern, with a large percentage of domestic violence victims being female. Acknowledging this fact is pivotal in crafting targeted support and preventive measures to protect those most at risk and addressing the unique challenges faced by women in violent domestic situations.

Interlinking with Gender Disparities in Violent Crime Victims

For a comprehensive view of gender dynamics in crime, it's crucial to connect this discussion with broader gender disparities. This article links to "Understanding Gender Disparities in Violent Crime Victims (2005-2022)," where we further explore these issues over time.


Analyzing victims of violent crime by gender provides critical insights into societal challenges. Whether it's understanding how many women are killed by men each year or what percentage of domestic violence victims are female, such information is key to shaping policies and support systems. For a deeper understanding and the complete dataset, refer to the source at OJJDP UCR Data. Continued advocacy and awareness are vital for building a safer, more equitable society.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes and not legal advice. It examines violent crime victims by gender, focusing on general trends and not specific cases. For detailed information or legal advice, consult a professional.

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