Most Expensive Medication (2024)

Discover the costs and challenges of the most expensive medications in the U.S. as of 2024.

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Most Expensive Drugs in U.S. (2024)

* Cost per one-time dose

** Cost annually

*** Cost per one-time treatment
The data is current as of April 1, 2024.


Staggering Costs for Most Expensive Drugs

If you ever wondered what is the most expensive drug the answer would be Lemmeldy. It is one of the most expensive medical treatments available, costing a whopping $4,250,000 for just one treatment. This high price is because it's used in very serious health situations. Right behind it are Hemgenix at $3,500,000 per dose, Elevidys at $3,200,000, and Skysona at $3,000,000, each also charged per dose. These are typically gene therapies, which can potentially cure or greatly extend the lives of patients with certain specific health conditions.

What is the Most Expensive Drug for Genetic Therapies?

Zynteglo and Zolgensma are also among the most expensive drugs, priced at $2,800,000 and $2,100,000 per dose, respectively. Zolgensma is well-known as a gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy, a rare disease. Without this treatment, the disease often causes death or leaves infants needing lifelong breathing support.

Ongoing Costs for Chronic Management

Not all expensive drugs are paid for just once. Some have high yearly costs because they treat long-term conditions. Myalept is the most expensive each year at $1,300,000, mainly used for treating issues from leptin deficiency in people with a condition called generalized lipodystrophy. Right behind it, Danyelza and Zokinvy cost about $1,200,000 each year. These drugs treat rare diseases that, without continuous treatment, would greatly affect a person's quality of life and how long they live.

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Economic Impact and Ethical Considerations

The costs of these medications have a big impact financially. Insurance companies, government health programs, and individuals paying out-of-pocket all struggle to manage these high prices. These costs also lead to debates about how drugs are priced, the expenses of research and development, the value placed on human life, and the ethics of making a profit in healthcare.

The Future of Expensive Medications

Looking ahead, these costly drugs will continue to impact the healthcare system significantly. New treatments will emerge with high prices, prompting the need to ensure that life-saving therapies are accessible to everyone. We must balance the costs of innovation with the necessity of making these drugs available and affordable for all.


The most expensive medication in the United States in 2024 highlights big advances in medicine and the tough challenges in our healthcare system. As we keep improving medical treatments, it’s important to balance their cost, how easy they are to get, and how they can be sustained over time.

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