Predicting Xeljanz Lawsuit Settlements (2024)

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Since 2021, scientific studies have raised questions about the safety of Xeljanz. These studies have found links between the drug and several life-threatening or terminal conditions, including cancer, heart issues, and blood clots. However, these serious side effects and complications have not produced the expected avalanche of lawsuits.

While victims have filed a few lawsuits, no new lawsuits have been filed since 2022. More importantly, the older lawsuits have yet to go to trial or settle. This means there is no guidance about the Xeljanz lawsuit settlements that victims might receive. However, the law sets out principles that can predict the factors that will influence the damage awards and settlements that might happen.

Status of Xeljanz Lawsuits

There are no threads to follow when looking at Xeljanz litigation. Specifically, there are no public records of:

  • Class action lawsuits
  • Court-approved settlements
  • Federal multidistrict litigation (MDL)

However, you should not conclude that the injuries are not real or that claims cannot be asserted. Instead, the absence of litigation might have practical causes, including the following:

Insufficient Scientific Support

To file a lawsuit, you and your lawyer need an expert witness to testify about the causal connection between Xeljanz and your injury or condition. Specifically, you need a scientist or doctor to explain to a judge and then a jury the research that supports your claim. To avoid confusing the jury, the judge must review the testimony to ensure it has been tested rigorously and has gained at least some acceptance.

Unfortunately, scientists might not meet this standard in newer areas of research. Researchers have only spent a few years studying the links between Xeljanz and diseases like cancer and heart conditions. As a result, plaintiffs might need more scientific support to file lawsuits.

Low Incidence of Side Effects

When a side effect or complication is rare, only a few people will file cases. To pursue a claim against a dangerous product, you do not need a large number of victims to file a class action lawsuit. You can pursue an individual lawsuit. Even if you are the only person to suffer the side effects, you can still get a settlement by proving the product caused your injury. It is possible that Xeljanz only rarely causes side effects.

Lack of Healthcare Provider Knowledge

When new products reach the market, healthcare providers need time to understand all the side effects. As the products become more widely used, patterns of side effects appear. If a product was introduced recently or has not been widely used, healthcare providers might not recognize that a user’s cancer or heart issue resulted from their arthritis medication.

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Predicted Xeljanz Lawsuit Settlements

The lack of any current litigation does not mean that Xeljanz is safe. As doctors see more cases and scientists conduct further research, a consensus may develop that can support lawsuits against Pfizer, the product's manufacturer. When this happens, patients will want to know the range of Xeljanz lawsuit settlements they can recover.

The nature of compensation through the Xeljanz-blood clot lawsuit largely depends on the victim’s losses. Warnings from the FDA and preliminary research suggest Xeljanz may increase the risk of the following:

  • Lymphoma
  • Skin cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Tears in the stomach lining
  • Blood clots that can cause deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism
  • Viral or bacterial infection
  • Acne

The severity of the injury will directly affect the projected settlement. Lymphoma, a potentially terminal cancer, will cause greater economic and non-economic losses than acne.

Looking at other products that were linked to terminal cancers, Xeljanz lawsuit settlements for cancer victims could reach into the millions or tens of millions of dollars. Settlements for non-terminal illnesses like acne or shingles might only fall in the thousands of dollars.

You can quantify these numbers more concretely by looking at the factors judges and juries consider when calculating the damage awards. These factors include:

Medical Expenses

The victims can easily bear the burden of medical expenses and hospital bills through this compensation.

Pain and Suffering

This compensation also includes expenses for mental health therapies and other physical therapies for the victims.

Lost Wages and Future Earnings

If a victim has been unable to work while coping with the health loss caused by Xeljanz, then they can easily avail of financial support through this compensation.

Wrongful Death

Funeral expenses will be much easier to meet through this compensation in case the victim is unable to make it through the health loss caused by Xeljanz.

Punitive Damages

In case the producer has compromised the victims in any other way, then they will have to face the punishment for the punitive damages to the victims.

How the Lawsuit Was Filed

Another factor that can influence the size of your Xeljanz lawsuit settlement is the court procedure you and your lawyer chose for pursuing your claim. In an individual lawsuit, you alone sue the manufacturer. You and your lawyer shoulder the burden of the case, but you also reap the rewards of your work.

Class action lawsuits spread the burden of fighting powerful pharmaceutical companies across a class of hundreds or even thousands of victims. However, the class also shares their Xeljanz lawsuit settlements, and in many cases, each victim receives a smaller payout than they would have received from an individual lawsuit.

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