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The Paragard IUD lawsuit has seen numerous developments over the past months. Here's a month-by-month breakdown of the significant milestones:

  1. A recent lawsuit has been filed into the Georgia MDL concerning the Paragard IUD, which was implanted in 2014 and removed in 2022. The procedure, carried out at Kaiser Permanente in Elk Grove, California, resulted in one arm of the copper IUD breaking and remaining inside the patient. This suit was submitted using a short-form complaint.

  2. The Paragard MDL continued its slow, steady growth with 36 new cases transferred in over the past 30 days. This brings the total number of pending cases to 2,651.

  3. In the case of Mendez v. Teva Pharmaceuticals, a new lawsuit was filed yesterday in the Paragard MDL. A woman from Washington state claims that her Paragard IUD, inserted in 2014, broke during its removal in 2021. She is seeking damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement, and mental anguish due to the medical treatment required for the breakage.

  4. As it enters its sixth year, the Paragard class action MDL continues to see a steady influx of new cases. With 55 new cases added in the latest count, the total now reaches 2,615.

  5. Woman filed a lawsuit within the Paragard MDL, alleging her Paragard device broke during removal in 2018. She contends the statute of limitations should not bar her claim because she was unaware she might have a cause of action until contacting her lawyers recently, upon learning she could potentially file a claim.

  6. The Paragard class action MDL saw a significant increase in February, with 126 new cases added, marking the largest monthly volume since last summer. The MDL now has over 2,500 pending cases.

  7. 28 new cases were added to the Paragard class action MDL in January 2024, bringing the total to 2,444 pending cases.

  8. A New York woman filed a lawsuit against the makers of Paragard following complications during the device's removal, including a broken arm of the IUD that required an additional procedure.

  9. The Paragard Multi-District Litigation (MDL) has experienced a marginal increase in case numbers. Key points include:

    • Current Case Total: The MDL now comprises 2,416 pending cases.
    • Recent Case Transfers: Only 2 new cases have been transferred to the MDL in the past two weeks.
  10. The Paragard class action Multi-District Litigation (MDL) has recently seen an addition of 37 new cases, bringing the total pending case count to 2,283. Notably, the influx of new cases in the Paragard MDL has slowed down over the last few months, indicating a possible sustained trend in the litigation's progression. Despite this, our firm continues to receive inquiries from potential claimants interested in filing a Paragard lawsuit, although the current rate of new cases is noticeably lower compared to six months ago.

  11. The Paragard class action Multi-District Litigation (MDL) has seen a modest increase this month, with 37 new cases added, bringing the total number of pending cases to 2,283. This trend suggests a potentially enduring shift in the pace of the litigation, indicating a more consistent and steady progression in the handling and filing of new cases associated with the MDL.

  12. In the Paragard MDL (1:20-md-2974), the court mandated completion of a Plaintiff Fact Sheet (PFS) by all involved. However, several participants missed their deadlines. The court, after issuing a warning and requesting explanations, has categorized these non-compliances into six distinct groups:

    1. Cases from categories 1-4, encompassing those who didn't provide a valid reason for non-compliance, failed to correct errors, or were unreachable, have now been officially dismissed.
    1. Category 5 comprises individuals who sought extra time. They've been granted an additional 21 days. Failure to meet this extended deadline will result in their cases being dismissed.
    1. For Category 6, submissions that arrived late but post-court warning have been accepted and will proceed.
  13. The Paragard class action Multi-District Litigation (MDL) saw an influx of 99 additional cases over the past month, elevating the total number of active lawsuits to 2,246. This expansion comes as the legal process continues to gear up for the first bellwether trial, which is set to provide crucial insights but remains a year away on the legal timeline.

  14. The Paragard class action MDL has seen significant growth with the addition of 99 new cases over the past month. This increase elevates the total count of active cases in the litigation to 2,246. This development comes as we stand one year away from the scheduled commencement of the first bellwether test trial, marking a critical juncture in the ongoing litigation.

  15. As the Paragard class action MDL marches towards its first bellwether trial scheduled for next year, case-specific fact discovery takes center stage. The upcoming month is slated for comprehensive depositions involving plaintiffs, their spouses, and other pertinent fact witnesses from the bellwether candidate cases. Following this, the spotlight will pivot to expert witness depositions, setting the stage for critical advancements in this unfolding litigation.

  16. Around 100 cases in the Paragard class action litigation are set to be dismissed due to non-compliance with specific requirements. The majority of these plaintiffs have lost touch with their attorneys, leading to potential dismissals.

  17. The Paragard class action MDL saw an addition of 53 cases, bringing the total to 2,063. This month marked continuous growth in the number of cases added to the MDL.

  18. The Court emphasized the importance of plaintiffs submitting their Plaintiff Fact Sheet (PFS) from a previous mandate in November 2022. Currently, 132 plaintiffs risk case dismissal due to non-compliance. Additionally, 44 new cases were added to the MDL, and an accelerated fact discovery phase is anticipated for the initial pool of Paragard bellwether discovery cases.

  19. There was a significant spike in the number of cases added to the Paragard class action MDL, with 186 new cases introduced. This growth brought the total number of cases to 1,966. A court conference also hinted at optimism regarding advancing Paragard settlement talks.

  20. 64 new cases were added to the class action MDL, with projections suggesting that the total number of plaintiffs could cross 2,000 by the year-end.

  21. The MDL witnessed the addition of 34 new plaintiffs. This was a decrease compared to the previous month, which saw a high of 105 new cases.

  22. The judge provided an outline for selecting representative cases for the first bellwether trials in 2024. A bellwether trial helps gauge jury reactions to repeated testimonies and evidence across multiple cases, guiding future trials and potential settlements. Additionally, 105 new lawsuits were added to the Paragard class action MDL.

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